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Painter Dia Alhamwi in Nora's gallery. With video

Dia Alhamwi is an artist who worked in Aleppo, Syria, for thirty years. Some years ago, he had to flee the country and came to Sweden. He said that he originally planned to move to Germany yet preferred Sweden since, as he said, his children would have better chances to grow up here.
And so it came that Dia, who is painting in his small atelier, now honours the small and pretty wood-house town of Nora with a display of his art at Nora konsthall.
Jaktfalkarna AB has made a short clip about him that is designed to be played as a loop in the gallery.

på svenskaDia ställer ut i Nora konsthall. Jaktfalkarna AB har gjort ett litet filmklipp om Dia för att visas under utställningen. Läs mer om utställningen som Dias workshops på NA.


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